1.1. All jobs will be carried out according to the job specific written instructions that are issued by fax or email as well as the general instructions that are included in this quality, safety and heath conditions.
1.2. The subcontractor complies to all legal national and international requirements during the execution of the job. All staff of the subcontractor will be informed and instructed accordingly.
1.3. The subcontractor is in the possession of all legally required transport permits.
1.4. Subcontractors that carry out animal feed transport orders must be in the possession of a valid GMP animal feed certificate.
1.5. The subcontractor (including Cleaning stations and depots) ensures that transport order information will be dealt with in strict confidentiality and will instruct its drivers as such. Special attention will be given to High Consequence Dangerous Goods Logistic services
1.6. The subcontractor takes all necessary means to prevent the vehicle for distortion, theft or other criminal activity.
1.7. The subcontractor must implement a drug and alcohol policy in which it is prohibited to carry out any loading, unloading or transport activity if one is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Same rules apply to the use of medication which influences proper operations.



1.1. Drivers that carry out transport orders for Gökbil must be in the possession of the legally required driver permit(s) and professional education (such as ADR certificates).
1.2. Drivers that operate jobs for Gökbil must be subject to periodical medical examination
1.3. Implementation of Behaviour Based Safety training (driving, loading & unloading) programs and defensive driving is mandatory.
1.4. If ADR classified goods are being transported for Gökbil the subcontractor must have appointed a dangerous goods safety advisor according to the EU directive. The Dangerous goods safety advisor possesses a valid certificate of proficiency.
1.5. Drivers that execute transport orders concerning ADR products for Gökbil must be in the possession of the legally required ADR- equipment (PSU-equipment), including the equipment additionally required by the Material SDS.



3.1. The subcontractor will supply transport material to execute the transport order which complies to all legal requirements and specific provisions which are required in the written transport order (fax or email).
3.2. The subcontractor will provide al legally required inspections and carry out a preventative maintenance program. All equipment that will be provided for Gökbil transport orders will be in good condition. Purchase of equipment shall comply with the Technical Specifications as stipulated in the purchase procedure requirements of Gökbil.
3.3. Discharge hoses will be subject to pressure testing on an annual basis. PPE-equipment, safety equipment and other accessories will be checked at regular intervals.
3.4. Equipment shall comply and/or equipped with the following criteria/ items where applicable:


  • Air conditioning
  • roll-over detection warning system
  • interlocking of the fifth wheel coupling
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • retro-reflective back and side markings
  • forward distance alert system
  • Lane departure system
  • Driver falling asleep guarding systems
  • blocking system for communication during rolling
  • supplementary braking system
  • safe access to all loading/unloading equipment
  • truck management system
  • remote controlled bottom valve

Quality, safety, health, Security and environment

4.1. The subcontractor will report non-conformances (quality, safety and environment) immediately to Gökbil. Amongst others this will include: delays, breakdown en route, cargo damage, safety and environmental accidents, product contamination and cargo losses, missing or incorrect transport documents, wrong labelling, near misses and dangerous situations or unsafe conditions at loading or unloading locations.
4.2. The subcontractor will report all emergency situations concerning to safety and product quality to Gökbil. In emergency situations the 24/7 emergency phone number is: +90 262 754 2060
4.3. The subcontractor is not allowed to subcontract accepted transport orders of Gökbil to any other third party.
4.4. The subcontractor will instruct its drivers such that in case of the transportation of dangerous goods, the driver will use as much as is possible the motor(high)ways, unless legally dictated otherwise. When transporting hazardous cargo, the built-up areas must be avoided at all times, except when this is necessary for loading/ discharging, when there is no other possibility or when routing this is legally required.
4.5. The subcontractor ensures that parking of loaded vehicles will be done in a responsible manner, and where possible on designated, approved and guarded parking places.
4.6. The subcontractor undertakes to have all relevant insurances to cover its liabilities under the agreement. Damage to the environment should also be covered in this insurance policy.
4.7. The subcontractor has coverage for damage and/or loss to transported goods, for which he is responsible according to the transport conditions or standards in the law. This means for international transport there is coverage according to CMR- conditions.
4.8. The subcontractor has a fully comprehensive coverage for material damage to or loss/theft of the material that Gökbil (Tank(container)s) has made available and with which the subcontractor carries out the assignments Gökbil.
Gökbil Terminali PK TR-41455 Gebze
Tel: +90 262 754 2060
Fax: +90 262 754 2080
E-mail gokbil@gokbil.com.t
4.9. The subcontractor will ensure that the last load that is carried in a tank(container) is mentioned on the cleaning certificate as well as the method of cleaning and that the auxiliary equipment that is cleaned. All tanks must be completely clean without residue of last product or cleaning detergents and must be odourless.
4.10. The subcontractor will ensure that the tank(container) will be sealed after cleaning and after loading and that the seal numbers are recorded on respectively the cleaning document and the waybill (CMR)
4.11. The subcontractor will instruct its drivers strictly to adhere all safety and other instructions that apply on the loading and unloading locations.
4.12. The subcontractor will instruct its drivers that in case of animal feed transport all basic hygiene rules must be adhered to.
4.13. The subcontractor will instruct its drivers, operators and other staff members strictly to adhere all safety measures taken in relation to Covid-19 events, both from the authorities as well from the Gökbil customers and customer relations and providers like (Un)loading locations and other places where activities taking place.
4.14. The subcontractor must have a system to collect data on transport Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Gökbil will inform the subcontractor periodically about the required information. Gökbil has a system to calculate transport GHG emissions (expressed as CO2 equivalent per ton.km) using the data collected. Gökbil has a programme to reduce its transport GHG emissions that includes the following measures: train transport planners in payload optimisation and empty mileage reduction, State-of-the-art trucks, Low-resistance tyres, Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility

5.1. Gökbil committed themselves to comply with the latest ethical, moral and practical criteria during the execution of their tasks and obligations, which are stipulated in the Company policy. It is expected to demanded from the subcontractor to equally comply with this commitment, by practicing their operations
5.2. To ensure the goals and objectives are reached, regular information, both verbally and in writing, are provided to Gökbil which equally proofs the subcontractor’s commitment to the Gökbil “Code of Conduct” as attached to these Subcontractor conditions in Chapter 7.

Performance Criteria

The subcontractor shall comply with the hereafter stipulated criteria

  1. Ensure drivers/operators holding a valid ADR licenses/certificate
  2. Keeping records of working/driving hours compliance
  3. Policy related to Drugs and Alcohol
  4. Appoint a DGSA and fulfilment of his/her duties
  5. Vehicle testing and inspection
  6. Adequate driver and staff selection
  7. Insure the company with comprehensive insurance coverage
  8. Select, provide, check and maintain the required PPE and emergency equipment
  9. Take Security provisions as required by applicable legislation
  10. Make appropriate Journey Plans including safe and secure vehicle parking and provide them to the drivers
  11. Ensure proper use of the EIR (Equipment Interchange Receipt) and are available at all times when required by Gökbil
  12. Use cleaning stations which are approved according the SQAS criteria
  13. Comply at all times with the Customers site requirements
  14. Perform adequate driver training (e.g. product specific training, legal training, customer specific training)
  15. No subcontracting is practiced
  16. Perform proper and adequate handling and reporting of non- conformances (transport events)
  17. Ensure to confidentially handle commercial documents and data
  18. Provide al reievant Information to Gökbi which enabies Gökbi to comply with allrules and requirements as stipulated in the Gökbil customer agreements related to the GHG emission. Gökbil will inform the subcontractor periodically about the information they require to fulfilthis commitment.

Allinformation provided by the subcontractor willat alltimes treated in accordance with the GDPR, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Councilof 27 April2016