Gökbil intends to be recognized as a leading service provider for transportation & storage of chemicals and foodstuff in bulk. Gökbil, together with its cost effective, environmentally conscious services which are being rendered thru its new as well as furnished with up-to-date technologies equipment which is under control of its specialized personnel ;

  • shall perform all its operations in an integrated business model in accordance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • shall work to improve its quality by strengthening its customer-centric approach to provide timely, flawless and sustainable services
  • shall obey all releated national and international laws and regulations while performing its activities
  • shall monitor & improve all processes according to ISO 9001 standarts, thus will keep its personnel’s quality consciousness continuously intact.
  • shall support its personnel with regular training and exercises, shall provide them an elegant workplace which is constantly improved in terms of conditions of health and security.
  • shall work with its stakeholders & service providers in a mutually cooperative and trusted manner.
  • shall constanly work for improving its quality & efficiency

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is owned by and belongs to Gökbil Nakliyat Depolama lojistik San ve Dis Tic A.S., hereafter called Gökbil.

This Code of Conduct contains guidelines and agreements regarding our conduct in carrying out our work and working with others.

The purpose of this code of conduct is to make everyone aware of our responsibility for our behaviour.

Gökbil undertakes to carry out business operations in a responsible manner. This means in particular that Gökbil will be honest and integral with its stakeholders and that Gökbil will fully comply with international, national and local laws and regulations that apply to its business.

This code of conduct serves as a complement to the QSHE (Quality Safety Health Environment) & SECURITY & CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy of our company.



Human Rights

We respect the generally accepted human rights

Child Labour and Forced Labour

We reject child labour and any form of forced labour.


Gökbil is in no way guilty of discrimination based on race, sex, ethnic background, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Fair Employment

Gökbil behaves as a fair and reliable employer in accordance with national standards. We comply with the CLA (Collective Labor Agreement) and other provisions. We try to develop staff by providing varied challenging job content and providing training.

Safety and Health

We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and do our utmost to prevent accidents. We ensure compliance with the latest safety regulations, including the installation of necessary facilities and the implementation of precautions to prevent injuries, illness, occupational diseases and material damage.

Confidential data and information

All employee data is treated confidentially in accordance with international privacy legislation. 

Our employees

Behavior in public

Our employees are the business card of our company. We will be polite, courteous and serviceable to our customers and business partners at all times.

Freedom to choose

At Gökbil, employees are not employed or required to continue to work for Gökbil.
Employees are entitled to free choice of employment and they also have the freedom to terminate their employment in accordance with the applicable rules.

Freedom of association

We respect the right of employees to organize, become members of employee organizations, appoint a representative and conduct collective bargaining as permitted by and in compliance with Labour agreements and local law. We encourage internal consultation and association through a staff representation.

Confidential data and information

All data and information about our company`s activities will be treated confidentially.

Bullying and Harassment

We use zero tolerance policies in terms of bullying and harassment in any form (such as aggressive behaviour, sexual harassment, physical violence, verbal violence). Employees can report anonymously to the Executive Board if they wish.



Environmental Legislation

Gökbil observes the rules in regards to protection of environment.


We monitor the processing, storage, transportation, reuse and disposal of waste. This process is verified and performed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Prevention of Environmental pollution and Saving of Natural resources

Gökbil work to reduce any possible negative environmental impact while carrying out its activities. It supports clean sweeping program for plastic dust particles. An active policy is being pursued with regard to sustainable business structure. We make this policy concrete by investing in modern equipment that complies with European standards as well as continuous attention to fuel consumption.
Employees actively participate in our effort to reach the goals we set up for this.


Business ethics


Publicity of information

Gökbil provides timely information regarding its business, structure, financial situation and business performance in accordance with current regulatory and customary business practices.

Competition and Fair trade practices

We treat our business honestly and completely. We want to excel through our achievements and not through unethical or illegal practices.
All our customers, suppliers, competitors and our own employees are treated fairly. Illegal and corrupted practices such as manipulation, misuse of confidential information or misrepresentation of facts are prohibited.

Market forces

We do not make any price agreements or other agreements with colleagues that can lead to the detriment of our clients. Where we work together with colleagues only to provide better service, we do that in a transparent way and we can always justify it to our clients.

Protection of Intellectual property

Gökbil respects intellectual property rights and will refrain from corporate espionage.

Corruption, Extortion and Malversation

We reject any form of corruption, extortion, bribery, malverzation or theft or laundering within our organization.


We accept and give promotional gifts up to a maximum of Turkish Lira 200,-. Such gifts are given as an appreciation without affecting or bribery. Gift that can be in cash or can be cashed or cashed in, may never be offered or accepted.

Avoid conflicting Interests

We avoid activities in which personal or individual financial interests can clash with the interests of our company or partners.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct



The management, executives and employees of Gökbil are obliged to comply with this code of conduct. The management ensures active communication of the content and meaning of this code of conduct. All employees are required to report serious violations including violations of legislation and/or or internal regulations, to the management or designated representative.


Regarding compliance with legal requirements regarding fiscal and social aspects, we allow our organization to review our accountant.

We check through internal audits, which are based mainly on practices of the SQAS and HACCP, whether we comply with necessities of our CSR and food safety control.


Given the size of the company, the general manager acts as a trusted person. However, if you want to address a problem regarding the management, one can do that anonymously thru external services if wished so.

Protection of informants

Actions against employees who report and report violations of our code of conduct will not be tolerated.


When Gökbil is checked by competent authorities for compliance with legal requirements and irregularities are detected, we will investigate them. If it appears that there are justified findings, we will bear the consequences of this, which are usually imposed in the form of fines.

Any violation of the Code of Conduct we find will result in appropriate action against the responsible employee thereof, including prosecution under applicable laws or disciplinary measures. In the disciplinary measures we apply the structure that the legislature prescribes to us, with dismissal as an option at hand. We will always report in case of theft, fraud, physical violence and threat.