Gökbil was established in 1996 in Istanbul to provide services dedicated to transport of liquid chemicals in bulk.
As of 1999, Gökbil by adding its first owned tankcontainers to its fleet, became the first local Tankcontainer Operator in Turkey.   
When our inland terminal located in Dilovası/Kocaeli was completed in 2005, which allowed Gökbil to extend & enrich its service coverage as to present drumming & small-capacity tank storage thus offering a One-Stop-Shop business model with its integrated facilities and abilities.
In 2010, tankcontainer-related combined transport operations were separated to become an independent company named as Gökbil Tank, amidst the growing tank container fleet to meet surging demand.  After 7 years of independent operations and of expansion of services, Gökbil Logistics and Gökbil Tank rejoined in 2017 in order tor render the industry its services more reliable, comprehensive & stronger .
Gökbil, thru a well managed sustainable expansion projection, has now become one of the leading service provider & operator for liquid bulk business in its region which is stretching from the Continental Europe down to the Indian Subcontinent, in and around where the most advanced and the fastest growing markets are present.
Gökbil since its very first day of foundation, has been a quality and safety oriented company thanks to its highly trained and dedicated personnel who are continuously working hard for continuous improvement in order to attain our goals.
Currently, our company is operating in 3 main sections ;
  • Intermodal Transportation
  • Road Transportation
  • Value Added Storage Services